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3 easy ways to safeguard against bicycle theft

Published on June 6, 2022


Bicycles are among a thief's favourite targets. Each year on the island of Montreal, the city’s police logs approximately 2,000 bicycle theft reports. It’s estimated that only a minority of thefts are reported, and that the actual number is between 15,000 and 20,000. However, there are simple ways to help prevent these thefts. Here are three tips from L'Unique General Insurance to keep your bikes where they belong – with you!

1. Always lock your bike, even during a quick pit stop.

Thieves need only a few seconds to make off with your bike.

  • Make sure it’s fastened to a solid base.
    • Purchase one or two high-quality locks that are hard to cut or force open ($50 or more).
    • Don’t fasten your bike to small trees, fences or thin poles. All the thief needs is a clamp to cut your bike loose.
    • Lock your bike’s frame and wheels to a firmly entrenched large pole or to a bike rack.
  • Place it in a safe area.
    • If you must leave your bike outside, leave it in a busy, well-lit area. More isolated areas allow thieves to carry out their work worry-free.

2. Make your bike look less attractive.

  • Remove all attached pieces with a quick release mechanism.
  • This includes portable accessories like odometers, pouches and air pumps.
  • Hide the brand of your bike or its accessories with tape, stickers or paint. They will be harder to resell. In higher-risk neighbourhoods, this can even deter theft.

3. Increase the likelihood of finding your bike if it is ever stolen.

  • Be sure to hold on to the receipt and record the serial number. This info comes in handy when you report the theft to police and submit your insurance claim.
  • Register your bike’s serial number with the Vélo Retour, 529 Garage and Operation Hands Off registries. According to Protégez-vous, for a few dollars this registration comes with a sticker that, once affixed, makes it more difficult to resell your bike.
  • Go to your local police station to have your bike engraved. This will deter would-be thieves. Plus, the police will be able to contact you if they locate your bike.

In conclusion, your home insurance should include coverage for bicycles. Contact your insurer. It’s best to tailor your coverage to the value of your bike.

Your insurance broker is there to help you prevent losses. Contact him or her!