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Tips to avoid the pitfalls of potholes

Published on April 15, 2022


Freeze, thaw, repeat... One look at Quebec roads is all it takes to witness how much havoc the winter season wreaks. Potholes multiply and produce new ones! L’Unique General Insurance has some tips for you to safely make it to spring, ideally without an auto insurance auto insurance claim!

Limiting damage

Here are some tips to minimize potential damage caused by pesky potholes.

  • Have your tire pressure checked when spring has sprung, A tire can blow out if it’s overinflated. Underinflated, it can get stuck between a pothole and the wheel.
  • Watch out for puddles. Beneath that pool of water on the road could be a pothole lying in wait to damage your vehicle.
  • Also keep your distance from any vehicles ahead of you. You can adapt your driving if they hit a pothole or swerve to avoid one.

Pothole straight ahead, impossible to avoid? Know how to react:

  • Grip the steering wheel firmly to better control your vehicle.
  • Slow down without braking hard. Sudden braking with a locked wheel will cause even more damage.
  • Investigate after an unfortunate impact. Is there any suspicious noise or does your car behave differently? Time for an inspection.

Are you insured?

Damages are covered if you have chosen ‘damage to insured vehicles - collision or upset’ protection. However, you’ll have to pay the deductible, if applicable.

You can add additional coverage to your insurance contract if you qualify. An insurer could reimburse you for some travel-related expenses if you can no longer use your car due to pothole-related damage. Ask your broker for all the details!

Other measures?

Cities, municipalities and the Minister of Transport are no longer responsible for damage to tires or suspension caused by road defects. To claim compensation for damage to the body, paint, wheel or bumper, you must prove fault or gross negligence, such as lack of road maintenance.

Your insurance broker is there to help you prevent losses. Feel free to contact him or her!