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Auto Insurance

Worry-free driving

Enjoy attractive discounts

  • Take advantage of our promotions on new policies

  • Save if you insure more than one auto with L’Unique

  • Insure both your auto and your home with L’Unique and…

    • Enjoy premium reductions
    • Reduce the deductible by $150 on each of your contracts
  • Opt for a two-year policy and…

    • Enjoy a premium that's guaranteed not to increase for the entire term of your contract, even if you have claims
    • Spread your payments out over the term of the contract
    • Avoid having to shop around next year

Choose the extended coverage under the Auto-Protection Plan

  • Obtain reimbursement for the rental cost of a replacement vehicle if your vehicle is inoperable following an insured loss (Q.E.F. No. 20A)

  • Benefit from $50,000 of coverage if you rent or borrow a vehicle (Q.E.F. No. 27)

  • No deductible to pay in the event of:

    • Hit-and-run accident, if a police report is filed
    • Total loss
    • Entire theft

Opt for our Roadside Assistance program

Since nothing beats the assistance of your insurer, we offer full service anywhere in Canada and the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii)

  • Towing service

  • Lockout service

  • Battery boosting

  • Personalized road itineraries

Unlike most other roadside assistance services on the market, we service the covered vehicle regardless of who was driving it. Another little extra offered by L’Unique! You already have L'Unique roadside assistance and need service now? Call 1 866 727-5260.


At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply. Certain promotions cannot be used together. For more information, contact your broker.

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