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4 tips for a safe Halloween

Published on October 24, 2022


Like it or not, there’s just no avoiding Halloween at the end of October. Every year you can expect to see spooky decorations and kids in costumes running around the neighbourhood in search of goodies. All factors that increase the risk of accidents and auto or home insurance claims... The L'Unique General Insurance team would like to share a few tips to ensure a safe Halloween!

1. Choose costumes that are visible and practical

The Red Cross recommends that the costume you choose:

  • Allows you to see and hear properly. Avoid masks and hoods.
  • Is clearly visible. Choose bright-coloured costumes and add reflective strips if they’re not already included.
  • Is fairly short, to prevent tripping.

2. Make sure your entrance and your decorations are safe

If a visitor is injured or sustains property damage on your property, did you know that you may be held liable and that this person could claim substantial compensation amounts from you? Even if the civil liability insurance included with your home insurance covers these costs, a few simple precautions could help you avoid the hassles that come with such a situation!

  • Reduce the risk of burns and fires by using LED candles inside your jack-o-lanterns.
  • Outside, install only decorations that are wind and rain resistant and secure them firmly in place.
  • Reduce the risk of falls by ensuring easy access to your entrance. The passageway should be clear of any debris (dead leaves, branches, etc.), cords, tape or electric wires at the ground level.
  • Make sure your entrance is well lit on Halloween night.

3. Remind children of the safety rules to follow while trick-or-treating

  • Young children should always be accompanied by an adult. Those who are old enough to go out alone should do so in groups of at least four people.
  • Before the kids leave, agree on the route they will take and the time at which they will return.
  • Ask them to take a flashlight which they should turn on the entire evening so they can properly see and be seen.
  • Throughout the night, encourage them to:
    • Walk on the sidewalk at all times
    • Visit one side of the street at a time
    • Cross the street at crosswalks and only after looking both ways to check for traffic
    • Never go into the house or car of someone they don’t know
    • Only ring the doorbell if the light is on
    • Wait until a parent has checked out the treats before eating them (throw out any candy that’s already open or if the wrappers have been altered)
    • Stay away from flames (some costumes can easily catch fire)

4. If you’re driving, slow down and drive carefully

Whether you’re going to a costume party, the supermarket to buy more treats or away from your neighborhood to avoid trick-or-treaters, be extra cautious, especially in residential areas!

Your insurance broker is there to help you prevent losses. Feel free to contact him or her!