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Take care of your pool during winter as well!

Published on February 10, 2021


In the summer, your pool is the star of the show, but it needs some attention in the winter as well. Check out how to prevent damage due to cold temperatures and avoid having to file home insurance claims!

After the snow has melted, many homeowners find that their pool has suffered during the cold weather. Put the odds in your favour to ensure that yours withstands the winter.

Follow the instructions on how to close your pool

Your supplier should have provided you with the manufacturer's instructions for how to winterize your pool. Follow these procedures to the letter to reduce the risk of damage.

Ideally, wait as late as possible in the fall. This way the water will remain clear all winter and you can limit how many chemical products you have to use when you reopen your pool.

Remove snow from your pool as often as necessary

Did you know that you need to clear the snow from your pool?

It’s a question of physics: Above-ground pools are built to support the lateral pressure of the water. They are not built to support heavy weight from above; in other words, vertical pressure. The weight of snow or ice can often damage the pool structure or materials. Fortunately, avoiding this type of damage and the ensuing costs is easy!

Here’s what to do to winterize:

  • Make sure you have a plastic shovel. Metal can damage surfaces that are already fragile due to the cold (edge, walls, liner...).
  • Remove snow from surfaces before it builds up. Begin from the outside and work your way into the centre.

Safety first!

Take care when clearing snow from the centre of the pool: Don’t make any false moves or hurt yourself!

For instance, never climb on the pool’s edges. In addition to stressing the pool’s structure, you also risk injuring yourself.

Will your pool be the star of the show next summer? If you take a few precautions during the cold weather, there’s no doubt!

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