Updated on July 7, 2020 at 1:31 p.m.

Auto insurance premium reduction – COVID-19

The collective effort by Quebec residents to respect the current confinement measures is having a tangible impact on the number of automobile accidents. That’s why we decided to grant a 20% reduction on personal and commercial auto insurance monthly premiums for the whole community confinement period. 

For more information on this matter, please consult our FAQ section or contact your insurance broker.


Am I eligible for an auto insurance premium reduction?

All insureds with personal or commercial auto insurance with L'Unique General Insurance are entitled to the premium reduction.

This reduction does not apply to leisure vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorhomes, trailers or watercraft.

What should I do to receive my reduction?

No action on your part is required. Your premium reduction will be calculated retroactively to April 1, 2020.

By how much will my premium be reduced and how will it be calculated?

The premium reduction will be equal to 20% of the monthly auto insurance premium. It will be applied automatically, according to the payment method in your insurance contract, for each month of confinement from April 1 to June 30, 2020:

  • Preauthorized bank payments: The premium reduction concerns your remaining insurance contract payments. It will be applied as of the months following each month of community confinement. For example, the first premium reduction, for April, will be applied in May or June. 
  • Credit card, Internet, cheques: A single reimbursement will be made by cheque at the end of the community confinement period, in payment of the premium reduction for each month.
  • Payment to your broker: Contact your broker for more details

How did you establish June 30 as the last day of the confinement?

We decided to grant a 20% monthly reduction because the confinement made a significant impact on the loss ratio. Now that vehicles are circulating on the roads again, traffic is gradually returning to normal, and the discounts we granted are no longer justified.

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