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Commercial Insurance

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Our commercial insurance products

  • Multi-coverage Business Insurance — Commercial Insurance packages
  • Multi-coverage Condominium Corporation Insurance
  • Multi-peril insurance
    • Office Package
    • Retailers Package
    • Contractors Package
    • Garage Package
    • Hairstyling and Beauty Care Package

Find out more about our Signature products that entitle you to a wide range of additional coverages at a great price!


  • Opt for a two-year policy and stabilize your payments!
  • Take advantage of coverage that is customized to your business activities.
  • Benefit from coverage specially designed for commercial vehicles.

Multi-peril insurance covers

  • Property (your workplace and its contents)
  • Equipment breakdown (blanket form)
  • Operating losses (loss of income)
  • Crimes (fraudulent acts)
  • Civil liability

Additional coverage

  • Legal Access Insurance
    To better meet your needs, opt for Legal Access Insurance, which allows you to defend or assert your rights in court without having to bear the cost.
  • Privacy Breach Coverage
    L’Unique offers one of the most comprehensive coverages available on the market to safeguard personal information held by your business. You would be reimbursed for expenses or operating losses that may occur for unauthorized access to this information.

Contact your broker to obtain details about these products


At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply. Certain promotions cannot be used together. For more information, contact your broker.

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