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Flooding - Support for our insureds and their family members

In order to support the victims of the floods and their family in this difficult time, L’Unique set up special measures for its insureds.

Special measures for our insureds

  • Expanded access to our psychological assistance service
    All our clients who have been impacted by the flooding have access to our psychological assistance service, even if the damage sustained is not covered under their insurance policy. 

    Call 1 855 747-7737 to receive assistance.
  • Expanded “Additional living expenses” coverage
    On an exceptional basis, and if you have been evacuated, we are covering a portion of the additional expenses incurred for temporary lodging and for food, even if the damage sustained is not covered under your home insurance policy. This coverage applies for a maximum 14-day period following the evacuation order by civil authorities. 

Important information

  • Vehicle damage
    Did you know that most automobile and leisure vehicle insurance contracts cover damage caused by flooding?
    If your car or one of your other vehicles has been affected, feel free to call our Claims Department to find out whether the damage is covered.
  • Financial aid program for disaster victims – Ministère de la Sécurité publique
    Contact your municipality to check your eligibility for this program and, if applicable, find out the steps to take to apply for financial aid. 

    For details on the financial assistance available to disaster victims and tips on how to clean your residence, visit the Ministry’s website.

Please feel free to call our Claims department for further information. 

1 800 463-4800