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  • Available for small- to medium-sized businesses
  • Affordable: Very competitive annual fees
  • Flexible: No minimum required as to net worth of the business
  • Available to start-up companies
  • Team dedicated to Bureau des soumissions déposées du Québec contracts
  • NEW! Pronto service for surety applications for small construction projects.

Types of surety bonds

  • Bid bond
    A bid bond is the instrument by which the surety, in the event that the contractor refuses to sign a contract with the client, will make the client a cash payment—up to the amount stated in the bond—to cover the difference between the amount of the bid and the amount of the contract signed with another bidder, if the latter amount is higher.
  • Letter of commitment
    A letter of commitment is often complementary to a bid bond.  It is the instrument by which the surety undertakes to issue the required sureties in the bidder's name, if the bid is accepted and the bidder signs a contract with the client.
  • Performance bond
    A performance bond is the instrument by which the surety undertakes—up to the amount stated in the bond—to guarantee completion of the contract in the event that the contractor is unable to honour the terms of the construction contract.
  • Labour & material payment bond
    A labour and material bond is the instrument by which the surety guarantees that all eligible claimants, whether subcontractors or suppliers, will receive payment for labour and material provided to the contractor in the framework of the construction work.
  • Maintenance surety
    A maintenance surety is the instrument by which the surety guarantees to maintain in good working order or have maintained in good working order the work completed under the contract, except for obsolescence or normal wear.


Request to open a file

If your client is interested in using our surety bond services, a Contractor Application form must be filled out, and the necessary documents for considering the application must be provided.

Assessing the risk allows us to establish the conditions, the rates and a limit per project, as well as applicable limits for work in progress.  The above will be submitted to you in a written confirmation.

If the proposed rates, conditions and limits are acceptable to your client, an indemnity agreement will be forwarded for signature.


Our rating is tailored to your client's specific situation. We charge an annual file management fee that covers the cost of assessing, updating and managing your client’s file for one year. We also offer packages that include a predetermined or unlimited number of bid bonds based on the annual premium generated. 

Bid bonds: Price per unit, although discounts are available on multiple purchases. 

Performance or Labour and Material Payment Bonds: Rate per $1,000 of amount contracted.

Your confirmation that the application has been accepted will be accompanied by a rate chart established specifically for your client, based on the overall risk assessment.


Your client’s file assessment is based on information that allows us to establish the ability of the business to honour its contractual agreements and financial commitments.

The financial development of the business, the quality of its management, its experience and the credibility of its shareholders and key personnel, as well as the nature and scope of completed contracts are among the factors that will be taken into consideration.

The particular characteristics of the client’s business sector and the extent and/or quality of its equipment inventory will be taken into consideration based on your client’s objectives.

Bond request

To solidify an ongoing business relationship, brokers should maintain regular contact with their bonding company.

The broker remains the contractor's principal point of contact.  He or she receives and forwards duly completed applications for surety bonds and all documentation necessary to their issuance.

Bid bond:

The Bid Bond Request Form (PDF 1 page) must be completed and submitted with a copy of the bidder's estimate or the call for tender pertaining to the guarantee or surety.

Tender results: Whatever the outcome of the bid, the results must be forwarded to the bonding company, which in turn will adjust the total amount of the work in progress in order to maintain access to the bond's maximum threshold.

Performance and Labour and Material Payment Bond:

The Performance Bond Request Form (PDF 1 page) must be completed and the tender's results provided before the bonds can be issued.

Pronto service for small construction projects

Contractors whose projects require smaller per-contract limits and overall limits can benefit from a streamlined process for their surety applications, consisting of a simplified contractor application and fewer documents to be submitted.

To take advantage of L’Unique’s Pronto service, contractors must observe the following thresholds:

Business lines* Maximum limit per contract Total maximum limit
General building $500,000 $1,000,000
Bureau des soumissions
déposées du Québec (BSDQ)
$750,000 $2,000,000

*Civil engineering contractors are not eligible for the Pronto service

In addition, the company must:

  • Have been in business for more than two years
  • Hold at least $50,000 in shareholders’ equity
  • Not have declared bankruptcy.

L’Unique is at your service and is committed to helping contractors grow and develop. For this reason, we have put at your disposal a dedicated team that focuses on processing surety bond applications for smaller construction projects.

Advantages of dealing with L’Unique for your surety bond applications for small construction projects:

  • Quick and easy service and handling
  • Faster and more efficient for brokers and contractors, due to simplified forms and fewer documents to be submitted
  • A team dedicated to analyzing surety bond applications
  • A timely response following file analysis by our dedicated team

Complete this form to benefit from the Pronto service.

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